Dear Friends,

Welcome to ICL! We’re excited to have you learn more about what we do to help New Yorkers of all backgrounds address their emotional, mental health and physical health challenges. Thanks to the dedication and commitment of our Board, staff, and community partners and supporters, we help thousands of adults, children, and families.  And we’ve been at this work for more than 30 years!

Our mission, “People get better with us” is achieved because we help people make meaningful and sustainable changes to get them back on their feet. We understand the influence of traumatic experience on peoples’ lives and bring dignity and respect to our work with each of our clients. Our outcomes each year prove that what we are doing is making a very big difference in people’s lives.

Join us so that together we can fulfill this great promise.

Please send us a message through the contact form on our website. To find out how to access services for you or someone you care about, contact our Central Access team at or (888) 425-0501.

Thank you and here’s to a healthy New York for all!


David Woodlock
ICL President & CEO