Our Commitment:

At the Institute for Community Living, we believe that everyone deserves to lead the healthiest
and most fulfilling life possible. Since our founding more than 33 years ago, ICL keeps
moving the line of what is possible for people living with serious life challenges. 

Every day, at more than 100 mental health and substance abuse programs across New York City,
we see that we do works – people do get better with us. 
ICL is doing everything it can to provide support in these unprecedented times.

Learn more about what we’ve done on behalf of our most vulnerable population during COVID-19.

Our Impact This Year

People coming to ICL are making the changes they need to lead a better life.


of clients feel better and more
in control of their lives


people with mental illness found safe,
secure and supportive housing


people moved from a homeless
shelter to permanent housing

Our Services:

ICL helps people of all backgrounds address emotional, mental health
and developmental disability challenges.

All of our programs are grounded in person-centered care because all aspects of
a person’s life effect their health and well-being.

Improving Lives

What we’re doing is working – people do get better with us.

You can change lives in seconds DONATE

Institute for Community Living, Inc.

125 Broad Street
New York, NY 10004

(844) ICL-HOPE 
(844) 425-4673

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