Renewing Our Commitment to Equity

We at ICL are committed to nurturing an organizational culture that prioritizes equity, inclusion, and belonging. We support one another in our collective and individual journeys toward anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices and programming in a desire to improve the lives of our clients and support our staff and our communities.

We are committed to reducing health disparities and enhancing equity through a whole health approach focused on quality care and social determinants of health.

This commitment requires us to:

  • Take responsibility for our own learning and practices related to racism, oppression, and isolation
  • Avoid placing the responsibility of change on impacted communities
  • Continuously unpack how we perform our work and how we provide services that honor people’s unique realities.

As a health and human services organization that serves people that are marginalized due to their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, religious affiliation, and different abilities, we are committed to understanding the trauma that racism and oppression cause and centering this understanding in our approach to care.

We commit to challenging structures of bias at all levels to help people live healthy and fulfilling lives and build a system of care at ICL that successfully improves health outcomes for all.

Institute for Community Living
December 1, 2022