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Mental health challenges affect 1 in 5 Americans; some 10 million adults are living with serious mental illness. ICL offers a range of treatment options from outpatient clinics to more intensive treatment and crisis outreach programs. Getting help can make a powerful difference; our goal is to help every adult or child facing emotional difficulties feel better and do better in their lives.

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Mental Health Clinics

We offer a range of specialized assessment, evaluation and treatment services for children and youth struggling with behavioral and mental health challenges.

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Personal Rehabilitation & Recovery (PROS)

For people struggling with mental illness and related health challenges who need more than the support of a mental health clinic, finding a supportive community is essential.

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Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

ACT’s mobile treatment and rehabilitation teams are designed for people with serious mental illness that interferes with the ability to function in the community.

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Intensive Mobile Treatment (IMT)

IMT provides treatment and support services for people with frequent contact with the mental health, substance use, criminal justice, and homeless services systems.

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