People Get Better With Us


Since our founding in 1986, the Institute for Community Living (ICL) has been helping New Yorkers with behavioral health challenges live healthy and fulfilling lives by providing comprehensive housing, health care, and recovery services. Today ICL offers 140 programs across 50 locations in all five boroughs.

We take a trauma-informed approach, meeting the 13,000 people we serve each year wherever they are, working to support them in achieving their goals. We strongly believe that, given the right continuum of care, every person can lead a fulfilling life, no matter what their starting point is.

  • If they need food, we feed them
  • If they need shoes, we buy them.
  • If they have a wound, we treat it.
  • If they need someone to listen, they can count on us.

From housing to care coordination to school-based mental health intervention, our whole health approach ensures our clients can lead fulfilling, productive lives.

ICL Presents: Candid Conversations

Real New Yorkers talk about community mental health challenges over coffee. Watch and share!

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