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Every night, some 3,200 people spend the night with us — at an ICL supported apartment, community residence, or transitional shelter. Our goal is to help each resident address their full health and mental health needs and work together to plan the next stage of their lives.

At our founding in 1986, ICL operated one residence for people with serious mental illness; today ICL has grown to become one of the largest providers in the country with more than 1,500 supported apartment beds, 14 community residences and three transitional housing shelters in locations around New York City. Programs offer varying degrees of engagement with residents – all must be able to live independently with supportive services. Apartment programs offer studio, single bedroom, and shared two bedroom apartments and are funded by state and city entities.

Housing options include supported apartments, treatment apartments, community residences, transitional shelters, and family and youth residential programs.

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Supportive Housing

We offer a range of housing opportunities for people living with serious mental illness; all reflect our commitment to recovery and greater independence.

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Transitional Shelters

Our multidisciplinary teams of staff offer case management services and on‐site medical and mental health support to adults experiencing homelessness.

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Youth & Young Adult Housing

We serve young people with serious emotional disturbances
and mental illness in specialized community residences
in Brooklyn.

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Family Housing

A special residential program is geared to families who have experienced homelessness; many are living with mental illness and substance use.

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