The East New York Health Hub

In fall of 2018, ICL opened the East New York Health Hub with our medical services partner, Community Healthcare Network (CHN). The Hub brings together the highest quality primary health care and mental health care under one roof and is considered one of the most comprehensive centers in the country. After just six months, we began to make important inroads in improving health and well‐being for the people of East New York.

The Hub represents our commitment to a whole health approach to care that is grounded in the interconnection of physical and behavioral health and an understanding that getting better requires understanding all of the social, economic and personal factors effecting a person’s life.

Housed in a new 43,000 square foot building, the Hub was designed with open, light‐filled spaces to create a welcome feeling and to facilitate collaboration and shared treatment planning.

Inside the Hub you will find ICL’s Highland Park Mental Health Clinic, Family Resource Center, PROS, ACT teams and care coordination, case management and supportive housing assistance. All programs work in close cooperation with Community Healthcare Network, our extraordinary medical services partner, to give everyone coming to the Hub access to CHN’s full range of care for adults, teens and children.

For more information about the services available at the Hub and our medical services partner, Community Healthcare Network (CHN):


East New York Health Hub

2581 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11233
Phone: (718) 495-6700