ICL Presents: Candid Conversations

Real New Yorkers talk about community mental health challenges over coffee. Watch and share!

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Our Commitment

The Institute for Community Living (ICL) helps children, adults and families—New Yorkers of all backgrounds and ages—living with serious mental illness, substance use disorder, and developmental disabilities achieve greater health and independence.

Regardless of where they start, we believe every person has the ability—and the right—to lead a full and productive life. And we stand by them every step of the journey, no matter how difficult it may get.

Our Impact This Year

People coming to ICL are making the changes they need to lead a better life.
0 %
of clients feel better and more in control of their lives
clients housed in supportive housing shelters, residences for individuals with developmental disabilities
people moved from a homeless shelter to permanent housing

The ICL Hope Center

Too often, when people reach out for services and support, they’re met with a maze of numbers and agencies to call. That’s why we launched the ICL Hope Center.

Speak with specially trained staff who can connect you to the appropriate ICL program or another community resource to support people on the path to better health. 

Our Services

From housing to care coordination to office-and school-based support, our innovative whole health approach addresses behavioral and physical health as well as social determinants of health like housing and food security.