Senior Vice President for Integrated Services

Dr. Tasrina Khan is a clinical professional with more than 10 years of experience in health care management, with a focus on person-centered health care services delivered to patients of all ages. She has a background in client advocacy which has informed her previous roles—developing psychology departments, supervising clinical staff, liaising between cross-functional teams and stakeholders, internal strategy planning, forecasting of behavioral targets, and allocating resources to support key initiatives to improve health care.

She has designed health care programs that support behavior management, autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, and preventive mental health, and provided solutions for complex medical and behavioral cases. Dr. Khan approaches crisis intervention and behavior management uniquely through behavior modification techniques and applied behavioral science, while working closely with families, vendors, donors, psychiatrists, and board members to support individual needs. She is an early adopter of research, policy development, and industry advancements to foster health care initiatives—ensuring regulatory compliance, and quality improvement. 

Dr. Khan has a Ph.D in Psychology, Master of Arts in Psychology, and Master of Science in Applied Behavioral Analysis.