Op-Ed | New York City must do more to reduce family separation

May 12, 2023 By CEO Jody Rudin.   This Mother’s Day, M (we are protecting her identity) will be celebrating with her daughter.  It wasn’t always this way; the mother and daughter were forced to spend years apart and their reunification was only made possible because of a unique program designed specifically for people like […]

‘Whatever It Takes’: The Street Teams Who Help Mentally Ill New Yorkers

May 3, 2023 Half a year with the street counselors who dispense free sneakers, monthly injections and gentle encouragement to some of the city’s most vulnerable and volatile residents. Andy Newman and Hiroko Masuike followed mental health field teams for months as they treated homeless clients in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens. Chris Payton […]

Art: A Tool for Breaking Stigma

April 18, 2023 Written by Mindy Liss, Vice President for Communications While the reasons for stigma around mental illness are complex and vary by community – we know its prevalence prevents many from seeking treatment – from finding help and building a better life. At the Institute for Community Living (ICL), we offer an array of […]

Testimony to the City Council on Health and Mental Health

Good morning, Chair Schulman, Chair Lee, and members of the Committees on Health and Mental Health, Disabilities, and Addiction.   Thank you for your leadership on the City Council and for the opportunity to testify. I’m Jody Rudin, CEO of the Institute for Community Living, or ICL.   ICL serves about 13,000 children, families, and adults experiencing […]

Street Teams and Clubhouses: A New Plan to Help Mentally Ill New Yorkers

March 2, 2023 In his latest plan to help people with severe mental illness, Mayor Eric Adams says the city will focus on sending more counselors and medical professionals into the streets, not police officers. “I think the resources are well placed in terms of where the greatest acuity of need is,” Jody Rudin said. […]

Jody Rudin on Inside City Hall

February 2, 2023 “This is a transformational plan that really has the potential to take us from a fragmented system of care to an integrated and comprehensive one.“ President and CEO Jody Rudin sat down with Errol Louis on Inside City Hall to discuss Governor Hochul’s $1 billion plan to expand and improve access to mental health care […]

Formerly homeless New Yorker finds rehabilitation through art therapy

January 18, 2023 A Brooklyn based nonprofit offers one-stop support to thousands of New Yorkers who are homeless or in danger of living on the street. More than 100,000 New Yorkers are homeless. “I just wanted to show the world that color is beautiful,” said Victor Alicea who once was homeless himself. Now, his life […]