ICL Gala April 26, 2018


New York, NY, January 19, 2018 – Friends and supporters will come together on April 26, 2018 at the Roosevelt Hotel to celebrate ICL and its 31-year commitment to improving lives and strengthening communities. The event will pay tribute to honorees whose generosity and commitment have enabled ICL to remain strong and responsive and move forward in new and innovative ways. CNN National Correspondent Brynn Gingras will join us for the third year as our host for the evening;


The ICL Gala will pay tribute to community leaders and visionaries who make our work possible.


Dr. Constance SilverVisionary Leadership Award – Social worker, educator, and artist, throughout her life, Connie Silver has shown fierce dedication and courage as a champion in the fight against inequality. Working together with her husband Martin, Connie has helped to transform the field of social work; setting the highest bar as a philanthropist in donating funds and using the power of giving to advance the practice and programs at NYU Silver School of Social Work to better the lives of all people.

Lamb Financial GroupCorporate Citizenship Award – As a provider of insurance designed for social service institutions and non-profits, Lamb Financial that has always shown an unwavering dedication to supporting healthy communities and strengthening the staff tasked with carrying out very difficult and challenging work.  We are honored to partner with them to build healthy communities.

Dr. Sabina Lim, Champion for Health Award – As one of the nation’s leading psychiatrists in the country, Sabina Lim has helped shift the national agenda toward launching a behavioral health strategy that is moving our health care system forward in new and innovative ways. As behavioral health strategist for Mt. Sinai Health Systems, she is a great partner with ICL in advancing the critical integration of health and behavioral health.


In celebration of the Spring 2018 opening of ICL’s Integrated Health Hub in East New York, an ambitious, community-focused center, Council Member Rafael Espinal will be recognized with theSpirit of Advocacy Award and will join us in presenting the first “ICL Builders of the Future”award to the group of companies responsible for turning ICL’s dream of an integrated health hub into reality. The 40,000 square foot comprehensive health, mental health, and community service center, will open its doors this May thanks to the creativity of a very dedicated team.




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