Navigating the Road to Recovery: An Art and a Science

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 Jose Cotto, LCSW
April 19, 2022

Diverse group of people at group therapy

Defining recovery is all-encompassing. It may be recovery from mental illness, substance use, trauma, losses and, as we’ve recently learned, from the effects of a pandemic. Most often it is thought about as a journey toward regaining something that was lost or returning to a former state. In behavioral health, we take the definition a step further: Recovery is about helping a person realize a vision of themselves they did not think possible and derives from the belief that everyone is capable of living their best life even if circumstances or history make it difficult for a person to believe. That is why at its very core, recovery is about hope.

Here are some basic assumptions about the process of recovery: We know that there is no one recovery: Each person’s journey will look – and feel – very different. For some, the slightest gains allow them to feel better and feel like themselves again. For others, it may take much more work and time to get to that place.

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