The Traumatic Cupcake: What Mental Illness Can Teach Us About Integrated Care

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ICL’s CEO David Woodlock explores the emotional dimensions of traumatic experiences and how there is an undeniable link between our emotions, our unhealthy behaviors, and our poor health. A perfect storm in public health has resulted, especially for people with mental illnesses who experience high rates of physical health conditions, use an enormous amount of health care dollars, and die 25 years earlier than the general population. You can view his talk here:

He gave this talk at The National Council Conference, which is health care’s behavioral health conference. Each spring, executives, board members, thought leaders, and behavioral health professionals from the nation’s health, mental health, and addiction care organizations come together to discover the latest innovations, science and business and clinical best practices.

David Woodlock, Elizabeth Cleek, and David Kamnitzer also participated in NatCon 2016’s poster presentations. The posters were extremely well received and generated much discussion.

They can be viewed here:

David Woodlock / Elizabeth Cleek Presentation

David Kamnitzer Presentation

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