David Woodlock Selected as a Top 100 Non-Profit Leader

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February 22, 2021

City & State, a multimedia news organization covering local and state politics and policy, announced their 2021 Power 100, top non-profit leaders in New York City. On that list once again is David Woodlock, ICL President and CEO, named to this prestigious list for the second time since the award was instituted in 2019. David also received City & State’s 5o over 50 award

As City & State said in releasing the list, the 2021 Power 100 are nonprofit leaders who “leverage their roles to create political change for their communities, figures who have spearheaded major accomplishments, dug into political and policy issues, connected with powerful elected officials and provided for their communities across the state.”

After three decades in state government, David joined ICL as CEO in 2013. He brought an unwavering commitment to integrated care and has led ICL in reshaping services by building into all programs a whole health, person-centered perspective on care.

As City & State recognized, the 2021 list reflects the critically important role of these non-profits in guiding the city through the pandemic and addressing its aftermath. Thanks to David’s leadership, ICL kept every one of ICL’s 100 programs open and available to all who needed them, pivoting in a matter of days to a full telehealth model and maintaining home visits to the most vulnerable clients while protecting the safety and well-being of staff.

The project David is perhaps most proud of is ICL’s East New York Health Hub. Opened in 2018 with a cross-section of government and private sector support, this 43,000 square foot space is the embodiment of whole health. Under one roof, with medical services partner Community Healthcare Network, ICL offers comprehensive health, behavioral health, and family support services, for neighborhoods long neglected by traditional health care and most basic supportive services.

The Hub has been a welcoming place throughout the pandemic, supporting clients and community members in person or virtually. Its newest program, ICLConnects, has been especially important for East New Yorkers coping with the ravages of the pandemic, connecting local residents to meals, housing and health services.

For more information, go to www.iclinc.org


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