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ICL Receives $750,000 from City Council to Fund Capital Projects in East New York

New York, NY, June 29, 2015—The budget has been approved, and Councilmember Rafael Espinal and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams successfully advocated to provide ICL with three-quarters of a million dollars in supplemental funding to create an Integrated Health Hub at 2581 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.


David Woodlock, ICL’s CEO, says the “reconstruction of the Atlantic Avenue structures as an Integrated Health Hub will enable ICL to provide physical and behavioral health services together with social supports in one building, broadening the culturally competent, trauma-informed, recovery-oriented services that community residents will have access to. And the renovations we’re planning to Emerson will make the building more family-friendly for the families seeking refuge with us.”


Councilmember Espinal stresses, “Being able to provide Brooklyn residents easy access to a multitude of services will enhance patient engagement and empower residents to improve their health and well being. Accomplishing these goals will make the expenditure well worthwhile. It is my pleasure to have been able to provide ICL with this supplemental funding.”


ICL’s Chief Networking and Communications Officer Carmen Collado has been working with City Councilmembers and the Borough President for more than eight months, educating them on the services we provide and how this supplemental funding could most benefit the community. Dewey Howard, ICL’s Chief Financial Officer notes, “The majority of the funding ICL receives from the City comes from general government service contracts, so being granted this supplemental funding helps us cover costs that might not otherwise be supported.”


The steadfast support of Councilmember Espinal and Borough President Adams ensures an essential benefit to their constituents and their energetic advocacy resulted in successful completion of this grant. As ICL’s Board Chair Dr. Michael McGarvey says, “ICL is positioned for growth. The influx of this funding keeps us on the road forward and on our path to success.”

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It is Institute for Community Living’s (ICL) mission to help New Yorkers with behavioral health challenges live healthy and fulfilling lives by providing comprehensive housing, health care, and recovery services. We take a trauma-informed approach—meeting the people we serve wherever they are, working together to support them in achieving their goals.

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