Supportive Housing

Photo of a couple in front of a houseWe offer a range of housing opportunities for people living with serious mental illness; all reflect our commitment to recovery and greater independence.

Residents set goals for managing their health and mental health, helped by our strengths-based approach that helps each person move through the spectrum of housing options and plan the next stage of their lives.

Our housing programs help people who have been homeless, live in a shelter or on the streets, those with long histories of mental health and substance use issues, some with HIV/AIDS; many from prison, state hospitals and adult homes.

Each level of housing has specific eligibility and our Central Access team can assist in determining the best fit for each person.

To learn more about eligibility for supportive housing:

Supported Apartments

Our supported apartments offer the highest level of independence assisted by visits by case managers to access health and mental health care and connections to jobs and other community resources. ICL offers TAP (Treatment Apartment Program) housing with apartments in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx that offer a more intensive level of service for a discreet period of time.

Community Residences

People in “congregate” housing live in apartment buildings staffed 24/7 and have a range of services available including crisis management, counseling, and daily living skills, assistance finding jobs and more permanent housing. Programming by specially trained staff address issues such as substance use, nutrition and healthy eating, and socialization challenges. ICL currently operates 11 community residences in Brooklyn, Bronx, and Manhattan; all licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health.

A special medical respite residence opened in 2019 in collaboration with Mount Sinai Hospital to offer temporary housing and intensive support to people released from psychiatric ER or hospitalization.

To learn more about eligibility for supported apartments, community residences or treatment apartment programs (TAP):